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Join our empowering community that integrates biblical principles, stock analysis, and spiritual growth.

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Biblical Principles

Our community embraces principles of honesty, generosity, and wise stewardship.

Financial Wisdom

Explore how we apply biblical teachings to make informed investment decisions and secure a prosperous future.

Growth Path

Embark on a transformative journey that aligns your financial goals with spiritual fulfillment.

Welcome to our transformative community where faith and finance converge to shape a brighter future.

If you seek God's guidance on your investment journey, this is where He has led you. It’s time to build wealth with purpose. 

Our club provides the tools and fellowship, while you make the trades. We believe surrounding ourselves with praise and prayer creates an environment of positivity, clear thinking and alignment with God's will. Our weekly calls begin with uplifting worship to ready our hearts and minds.

After worship, we dive into the financial realm to analyze stocks, study companies, and celebrate wins. With the First Fruits formula, even beginners can create a solid portfolio.  

We prosper together when faith guides our investment decisions.

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Why Choose Us?

At First Fruits Investment Club , we're not just another platform – we're a transformative experience that bridges the gap between wealth and worship. Here's why you should choose us:

Supportive Community

When you join The First Fruits Investment Club, you become part of a supportive network of like-minded individuals who share your aspirations. Connect with fellow members, share experiences, and learn from one another as you navigate the journey to financial and spiritual fulfillment.

Personal Growth Journey

Beyond financial gains, we're committed to your personal growth. Our growth path encompasses not only financial education but also spiritual reflection and development. You'll discover a purpose-driven approach to wealth that resonates with your values.

Transformational Content

Explore a treasure trove of resources designed to enrich your understanding of both finances and faith. From ebooks and webinars to podcasts and videos, our content is curated to empower you on your journey towards prosperity and spiritual growth.


Donald Green is the visionary Founder of The First Fruits Investment Club, a Christian-based self-directed investment community that seeks to merge wealth and worship. With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Cheyney University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Science in Finance from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Donald has a wealth of experience in the finance industry.

Donald's passion for investment and financial management was cultivated during his time at Lincoln Financial Advisors in Lutherville, MD, where he counseled high net-worth individuals and developed estate planning strategies with accounts and attorneys. He also developed strategic marketing campaigns targeting institutional investors and high net-worth business owners and created investment seminar opportunities.


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