A biblically based investing philosophy that builds wealth and purpose.


I’m Donald Green, and I founded The First Fruits Investment Club with the aim to help members gain investing skills while also finding meaning and purpose. Our courses and coaching empower you to confidently develop your own stock portfolio.

Learn our proven First Fruits formula, portfolio approach, and investing philosophy. Our beginner's course equips you with the knowledge to systematically build wealth. With our ongoing community and accountability, you'll stay motivated to reach your financial goals. 

We believe abundance overflows when faith directs our work. Our weekly worship reminds us to use wealth to serve God and bless others. When our investments align with biblical values, it leads to fruitful outcomes.

Donald Green is the visionary Founder of The First Fruits Investment Club, a Christian-based self-directed investment community that seeks to merge wealth and worship. With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Cheyney University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Science in Finance from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Donald has a wealth of experience in the finance industry. 

Donald's passion for investment and financial management was cultivated during his time at Lincoln Financial Advisors in Lutherville, MD, where he counseled high net-worth individuals and developed estate planning strategies with accounts and attorneys. He also developed strategic marketing campaigns targeting institutional investors and high net-worth business owners and created investment seminar opportunities. 

Donald's devotion to his faith and his strong belief in the positive influence of worship in creating a community of positivity and clear thinking inspired the creation of The First Fruits Investment Club. He believes that sound Biblical principles can be effective in helping members achieve their financial objectives. 

Beyond his professional achievements, Donald is an active member of his community and a devoted father and husband. He serves on the Board of Directors of P-B Health HCA, Inc. and is committed to constantly expanding his knowledge and skills through reading and financial gaming. His inspiring story and commitment to his faith make him a true role model for the members of The First Fruits Investment Club.

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